PupilTrack is a software platform designed to track attendance for after school clubs.

PupilTrack is designed to be easy to use and is tailored to fit your budget. Our system works by using a small label that is self printed and affixedLabel printing module from PupilTrack to the students' planner. These labels are geneted from within our software and print onto standard labels that can be obtained from most paper suppliers.

When a student attends to an after school club the bar code on the sticker is scanned and a digital record of this is saved inside PupilTrack.

PupilTrack makes reporting simple. Reports can be filtered by many variables and PupilTrack offers a one click export function so the data Reporting modue from PupilTrackcan be exported directly into Excel, this leaves you free to create your own custom reports.

 PupilTrack is flexible and can be used in many different ways around the school. Pupiltrack enables users to create custom departments and clubs specific to those departments, reports can be run on a department or club basis. PupilTrack can also be used for one off events such as parents evenings, this enables you to get a much better insight on how many students are attending these events.

PupilTrack can import data from Sims.NET using a custom report. When the report is run data will then outputMain screen from PupilTrack to Excel and from here can be imported directly into PupilTrack. If you don't use Sims.NET then PupilTrack offers an Excel template that can be populated from other data sources or information systems.

PupilTrack is based around simple licensing, PupilTrack doesn't work on a per machine or per user license, instead we structure our licensing on the amount of students on role. This enabels as many people to use the system as you wish without licensing limitations.

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